How To Watch Virtual Concerts FAQ

You might have general questions or want to know ways to watch the virtual Austin Symphony Orchestra concerts! Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ) that will help with your virtual watching experience.

Q: When can I watch the performance?
A: At any time.

Q: What platform are you using to watch the performance?
A: Vimeo is the platform we are using to bring the performances to you.

Q: Do I need to download Vimeo in order to watch the performance?
A: It is not necessary to download Vimeo to watch the performances on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device from our site. Vimeo might recommend you download the app if you wish to cast/mirror.

Q: Can I watch the performance/s on my TV?
A: Yes! It is possible to watch on your TV if you have the necessary equipment. You can either connect your chosen device directly to your TV setup or you can cast or mirror to your TV. Please note: The ASO cannot provide technical support for casting/mirroring.

Q: What necessary equipment do I need to watch it on my TV?
A: That can vary. We recommend Apple users to view this website and Android users to view this website to see how to watch it on their TV.

Q: How can I enhance the audio at home?
A: We know the audio is so important. Our production team has worked tirelessly to bring you the best virtual production we can, and that includes great sound. While we’re unable to be in the hall together, we do recommend contacting your local electronics and audio sound system store. They’ll have suggestions on the best way to enhance the audio for your devices and enjoy the concerts fully.

Q: How long do I have to watch the performance?
A: The video will available for thirty (30) calendar days of the premiere date.

Q: Do you offer technical support?
A: If you cannot login please contact the Box Office at 512-476-6064 ext. 3 or email The ASO cannot provide technical support in regards to casting/mirroring. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of the device you’re casting/mirroring from (iPhone, Android phone, tablet, desktop, etc) and the device you’re casting/mirroring to (Roku, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, SmartTV, AppleTV). We also recommend contacting your internet service provider. If you’re experiencing difficulty casting on Chromecast click here to see a message from Vimeo.

Q: Can you give any advice on casting/mirroring?
A: What seems to be working for most when everything else doesn’t is to download the app on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device and on your OTT device (Roku, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, SmartTV, AppleTV). Once you do that, click on the embedded video in the Virtual Concert Hall or the provided link below the embedded video and cast/mirror from there. This is not a guaranteed to work, but it seems to work for a lot.

Q: What if I have a promo code; where does it go?
A: The promo code goes on the purchase page. It is entered at the top right-hand corner of the page, right in the spot that says “Promo Code.”

Q: Do I need to push “Play” or will the video start automatically?
A: You will still need to push “Play” since it’s not a live event. Enjoy!