High School Concert Program


The Austin Symphony Orchestra participates in an annual High School Concert Program, performing at various Austin-area high schools, serving approximately 4,000 students. The 45-minute concert features a side-by-side for outstanding band and orchestra students where they have an opportunity to play side-by-side on one piece with the Symphony.

Connecting with Music: Austin Interdisciplinary Initiative

Paired with the High School Concert program, Austin Symphony Orchestra’s Connecting with Music Initiative is a humanities-based, thematic, interdisciplinary learning initiative using the concert repertoire to explore personal, historical, and cultural connections to symphonic music. At the culmination of the project, students share original works based on a theme. The theme for this year is Musical Resilience: Overcoming Adversity and Resisting Oppression.

2022-2023 Repertoire
Musical Resilience: Overcoming Adversity and Resisting Oppression

KORNGOLD/Brubaker: Suite for Orchestra from the film The Sea Hawk

SMETANA: The Moldau from My Country

PRICE: IV. Scherzo. Finale: Allegro from Symphony No. 3 in C Minor

MÁRQUEZ: Conga del Fuego Nuevo

WILLIAMS: The Men of the Yorktown from the film Midway