Violin I

  • Jessica Mathaes Concertmaster – The Dr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Butler Concertmaster Chair
  • Patrice Calixte Associate Concertmaster – The Roy E. & Linda S. Bush Associate Concertmaster Chair
  • Molly Emerman Assistant Concertmaster – The Jeff & Gail Kodosky Assistant Concertmaster Chair
  • Paula Bird First Violin IV – The Frank & Louise Carpenter First Violin IV Chair
  • Robin A. Burwell First Violin V – The Kilyong & Paul Natho, First Violin V Chair
  • Bruce Colson First Violin VI – The Drs. Linda G. & James A. Prentice First Violin VI Chair
  • OPEN: First Violin VII – The Reagan Reaud First Violin VII Chair
  • David Denizon First Violin VIIIThe Carlotta Jane Newsum First Violin VIII Chair
  • Ayako Gamo – First Violin IX – The Edythe & Aaron Kruger Memorial First Violin IX Chair
  • Eugene Gratovich
  • Eun-Mi Lee
  • OPEN
  • Karen Stiles 
  • Sophie Verhaeghe 
  • Megan Zapfe

Violin II



  • Douglas Harvey Principal – The Sam & Sonia Wilson Principal Cello Chair
  • Anna Park Assistant Principal Cello – The Lorraine H. & John G. Wang Assistant Principal Cello Chair
  • Matthew Armbruster Cello II – The Steve A. Wilson & Nancy H. Wilson Cello II Chair
  • Carolyn Blubaugh-Hagler Cello III – The Sharon E. Wilson Cello III Chair
  • Erna Rumney Buckles Cello IV – The Thomas & Karen Vaughn Cello IV Chair
  • Margaret Coltman Cello V – The Martin S. Kermacy Cello V Chair
  • Frank Jenkins Cello VI – The Cynthia M. & Scott E. Wilson Cello VI Chair
  • Sara Nelson  Cello VII – Sterling Wilson Family Cello VII Chair
  • Charles Prewitt  Cello VIII – The S & S Wilson Grandchildren Cello VIII Chair
  • Muriel Beth Sanders Cello IX  –  Jonathan L. Sessler, Ph.D Cello IX Chair

Double Bass



  • Rebecca Garfield Principal – The Wolf & Janet Jessen Principal Flute Chair
  • Rachel Lopez Flute II – The Edgar & Patricia Harris Flute II Chair
  • Esther Fredrickson Flute III – Flute III/Piccolo II The Sherrill Family Foundation, Flute III & Piccolo Chair


  • Julianne Webner Principal – The Eva & Marvin Womack Principal Oboe Chair
  • Ian Davidson Associate Principal/English Horn – The Kuglen Foundation Associate Principal Oboe/English Horn Chair
  • Stanley Chyi Oboe III – The Mr. & Mrs. Loren F. Kahle, Jr. Oboe III Chair


  • Stephen Girko Principal – The Phil & Ruth Kohlhaas Principal Clarinet Chair
  • Hilary Scop Clarinet II – The Ward & Victoria Cheney Clarinet II Chair
  • OPEN: Clarinet III & Bass Clarinet – The Fruchter Family Clarinet III & Bass Clarinet Chair


  • William D. Lewis Principal – The Mr. & Mrs. William T. Gunn, III Principal Bassoon Chair
  • Daris Word Hale Bassoon II – The Neal & Ida Weaver Bassoon II Chair
  • Daniel Chrisman Bassoon III & Contrabassoon – The Joseph & Charlene Trochta Contrabassoon Chair


French Horn

  • Thomas Hale Principal – The Mary & Fred C. Morse, Jr. Principal French Horn Chair
  • Kurt Moede Associate Principal – The Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Parker Associate Principal French Horn Chair
  • Ed Tschoepe French Horn II – The Grace & Charles Bonner French Horn II Chair
  • Liana Hoffman French Horn IV – The Barbara & John Fibiger French Horn IV Chair


  • OPEN: – The Sally Lipscomb Bybee Principal Trumpet Chair
  • Kyle Koronka Trumpet II – The Katherine & Philip Patman Trumpet II Chair
  • Timothy Shaffer Trumpet III – The Martin S. Kermacy Trumpet III Chair


  • Tyler Vahldick Principal – Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Rollins Principal Trombone Chair
  • R. Ben Osborne Trombone II – The Judith & Charles N. Renneker Trombone II Chair
  • J. Philip Arno Bass Trombone – The Dr. & Mrs. Craig C. Kuglen Bass Trombone Chair


  • Steven Curtis Principal – William & Bettye Nowlin Principal Tuba Chair



  • Tony Edwards Principal – The Lee & Pauline Kirkwood Principal Timpani Chair


  • Genaro Gonzalez Principal – The Margaret & Doug Danforth Principal Percussion Chair
  • Richard W. Berkley Percussion II – The Wendi & Brian Kushner Percussion II Chair
  • Blake Taylor Percussion III – The Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Renneker Percussion III Chair


  • Elaine Barber Principal – The Sarah Biedenharn Principal Harp Chair

Principal Keyboard