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Round Rock students, friends are finalists in Young Composers Competition

Last year, Ayden Machajewski placed second in the Sarah and Ernest Butler Texas Young Composers Competition, and the Austin Symphony performed his original piece.

This year, the Round Rock High School grad was selected as a finalist for the second time, and his friend and classmate, Somesh Yatham, also placed in the competition.

For the two budding composers, their success in this prestigious competition has encouraged them to pursue a career in music.

“It is opportunities like these that help composers down the path,” said Yatham, a junior at Round Rock High School.

Machajewski, who placed fourth this year, introduced Yatham to several opportunities for young musicians, including this contest.

“It was less that I got (Somesh) interested in the contest than I just showed it to him,” Ayden Machajewski said. “He already had the drive without me. I helped him with some advice and edits … But the rest is his work ethic.”

Yatham said he has been musical his entire life. But before the contest, he had only crafted one piece.

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