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Children and adults can experience the magic of the performing arts at “Austin Symphony Orchestra’s Tuneful Tales” (formerly Children’s Day Art Park), held June – July at the Central Library. This exciting summer program features an ASO ensemble each week. Youngsters can enjoy making percussion instruments, they can visit the Instrument Zoo where they can see, touch and play the instruments; talk to Symphony musicians and hear them play their instruments; sing and clap along with the star of the show.

UPCOMING EVENTS: All events start at 10:30 a.m. at the Central Texas Library.

June 22, 2022
Ensemble: String Quartet
Program: “Mole Music”
(No Instrument Zoo for this performance)
Sponsored by: Blue Bell Ice Cream

June 29, 2022
Ensemble: String Quintet
Program: “Carnival of the Animals”

July 13, 2022
Ensemble: Brass Quintet
Program: “Martina the Beautiful Cockroach”

July 20, 2022
Ensemble: String Quartet
Program: “Ada’s Violin”
Sponsored by: Blue Bell Ice Cream

July 27, 2022
Ensemble: Woodwind Quintet + Violin and Cello
Program: Swan Lake


Directly below is the last set of four videos from the 2020 virtual “ASO Tuneful Tales.” There is a “Welcome” video from local storyteller Bernadette Nason. The next two videos are the classic story of “Sleeping Beauty” narrated in English by Bernadette Nason and en español by Jacob Rivera. The music portion of the story is performed by ASO violist, Alex Smith. The last video is “Creativity Corner.”  In this video, Allison Liu will recite a short poem and compose a soundscape to go with it.

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“SLEEPING BEAUTY” – Welcome Message

“SLEEPING BEAUTY” – English version

“SLEEPING BEAUTY” en español

“CREATIVITY CORNER” – with Allison Liu


“SNOW WHITE” – Welcome Message

“SNOW WHITE” – English version

“SNOW WHITE” – en español

“CREATIVITY CORNER” – with Allison Liu


“BEAUTY & THE BEAST” – Welcome Message

“BEAUTY & THE BEAST” – English version

“BEAUTY & THE BEAST” – en español

“CREATIVITY CORNER” with Allison Liu


“CINDERELLA” -Welcome Message

“CINDERELLA”  – English version

“CINDERELLA” – En español

“CINDERELLA” – “Creativity Corner”



“PUSS IN BOOTS” English version

“PUSS IN BOOTS” – en español



“LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD” – Welcome Message

“LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD” – English version


“CREATIVITY CORNER” with Allison Liu

"MOLE MUSIC" - Posted July 1, 2020


“MOLE MUSIC” – English version

“MOLE MUSIC” – En español

“CREATIVITY CORNER” with Allison Liu


Below is a “ASO Tuneful Tales” video from June 26, 2019 featuring selections from the opera Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck and arranged by David Crowe recorded at Austin Public Library, Central Library. This video is for you and your little ones until we can meet and play together once more. Enjoy!

Hansel and Gretel

ASO Musicians: Rachel Lopez, flute; Julianne Webner, oboe; Kurt Moede, french horn; Steve Girko, clarinet; Amanda Pierce, bassoon; Jonathan Rouse, bass
Narration by: Bernadette Nason
Illustrations by: Jen Corace

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