COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Internationally, we are facing one of the greatest historical challenges with COVID-19. For The Austin Symphony Orchestra, this is no different, since opening our doors in 1911.

As individuals, we are all doing what we can to help by sheltering in place, ensuring that our loved ones and neighbors remain healthy.

The Austin Symphony Orchestra survived the Spanish Flu of 1918. We survived two World Wars. Yet, COVID-19 is the most significant threat we have seen due to its potential to impact our budget with the cancellation of concerts. Congress recognized the difficulties that nonprofits face and included changes to charitable contributions through the CARES Act*. We will survive this adversity knowing that the greatest way to show love right now is to keep the hall empty.

Donate to the ASO COVID-19 Emergency Fund and show your love for our talented musicians. Help ASO keep performing.

All of us here at ASO are thinking of you and yours.

Anthony Corroa
Executive Director

For more about the CARES Act and tax information, click here.