Martha Carapetyan

Image of Martha CarapetyanMartha loves all things viola, and has been playing the viola since the age of 12. She has performed as a member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra since 2001. In addition to her orchestral career, she is an avid chamber musician and has played in every conceivable genre and instrumental combination that includes a viola. She has performed with bands and played on recordings from film music to singer-songwriter tracks. If it includes a viola, she’s up for it!
In addition to her performing career, Martha loves teaching. Teaching is in her family history extending through several generations and Martha finds it both energizing and grounding to interact with young students. Her fascination with how the brain works has led her down many paths in search of answers to the question of how to connect through music, no matter the level of the player.

Playing an instrument is a demanding task, and Martha has been on a lifelong quest to find the best way to play with ease. Her inquiries have led her to study the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method, yoga, meditation and a number of other disciplines. Not only has this allowed her to play better over a long career, but it has informed her teaching profoundly.

Her studies in viola performance included degrees from University of North Texas and Indiana University. Her teachers include David Holland, George Papich, Yizhak Schotten, Kim Kashkashian and Rivka Golani.

When she isn’t playing or teaching the viola, Martha loves to write or be outdoors. She walks, hikes, runs, swims, gardens and sits reading outside as often as possible.