Liana Hoffman

What universities have you attended?

“I got my Bachelor’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music and my Master’s degree from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. The Austin Symphony audition was actually the first audition I ever took, so I am endlessly grateful for the fabulous training I had that prepared me so well.”

Do you come from a musical family? If so, who?

“Yes, but not in the traditional sense. My parents are both professional actors and I grew up in and around the world of musical theatre and song. My mom studied piano and cello as a kid and my dad taught himself piano and formed a rock band in his young adult years. They introduced me to music right away and out of that, my passion grew!”

What is your favorite food?

“As a foodie, this is an impossible question to answer! But… there is one food that I have always craved since childhood. As strange as it may be, it is the one food that sounds good every single day — rain or shine, sick or healthy, hungry or full, I would happily eat an artichoke. Simple and steamed with lemon butter like my mom always made it.”

What are your hobbies? 

“I LOVE to cook… and eat! While the cooking part might be a chore for other people, it brings me to my happy place. On a rough day, cooking creates peace for me. And eating never hurts either!”

If you could give advice to aspiring young musicians, what would it be?

“Find what brings you joy in what you do as a musician and never lose sight of it. It could be a beautiful lyrical piece, or a fun song on the radio you play along with, or an old etude book that takes you back to the basics, or even just one beautiful note! You should return to it through times of doubt and struggle and any time you need a fresh spark of inspiration. There is no correct definition of success and there is never one correct path to get there.”